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Insights and ideas for a successful retirement

Advise to make retirement living easier

You’re ready to live the life you worked so hard for. Before you move, take a look at these helpful suggestions. Realistic considerations about your lifestyle and the costs associated with it will help ensure that a beautiful retirement is not just a dream, but can be well within reach.  

Plan a budget

True, money isn’t everything, but you want to make sure to have enough to sustain your lifestyle. Think about your current activities and assess a budget to carry them into your next phase in life.

Make your “best life” list 

Consider interests and activities that you enjoy, like hiking, gardening, card games, and the like. Whether you prefer a vibrant social life or are a private person, your new community should support your likes and desires. It’s your retirement, after all!

Downsize before you move

It may seem daunting to figure out what we can do without, but you’ll be glad you did when it’s moving day. Purge some things now to avoid living among unopened boxes later because you’ve kept too much.

Consider reselling

Pass some things down, like jewellery or a wedding gown, to loved ones. Furniture you’re not taking with you can be donated. Think about reselling, too. Suits, ties, dresses, and shoes may go out of style, but there’s always a market for them. Knowing someone will enjoy them as you did can make letting go of things a lot easier.

Stock up on space savers 

It’s a small investment that makes a big difference. Purchase stackable bins, shoe racks, jewelry organizers, office supply holders, and pots and pans that nest together. Clutter-free counter space and desk tops contribute to that easy-breezy lifestyle you deserve.

Travel well

Planning to take flight to faraway lands you’ve always dreamed of? To budget properly, think about the type of hotels and restaurants you like and if your destinations will encourage rustic activities or lively entertainment.

Settling into retirement living

We’ve created The Terrace so retirees can enjoy the freedom they deserve. Our community is thriving, each unit is designed for convenience, and we take care of the outside maintenance. Yet, how you personally feel about this stage in life is an individual experience.

Living the good life

Yes, there are tasks involved in getting ready for retirement, but there will soon be a time when you can put your feet up and relax. It’s in that tranquil moment that you’ll feel you’ve done well and know that the future holds much joy. We, at The Terrace, applaud that.

Remember, there are no rules in retirement, but we will leave you with three tips. Please take them to heart, because they provide the framework to outstanding retirement living.

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